Thursday, October 20, 2011

Game Day

 We went to Tasha's the other day to let the kids play, brainstorm crafty neighbor gifts to make, talk about CHINA, go on a WINE WALK, and take too many pictures of our offspring while the leaves and lighting were both on our team. We made the treats.. Click here to see just how crafty and neighborly we are. Having only one neighbor makes it easy!

 This is semi creepy but way too sweet to not post! I love that they are still little enough to kiss each other for the camera. Jaxon has a girlfriend now in his Kindergarten class. Her name is Emma. He isn't quite sure if he is her boyfriend, but he has no doubt that she is his GIRLFRIEND. Maybe he's practicing on IVY. I hope not.

 Ivy loves Camden. You know she loves you if she requests your hairdo. There are only a few who have made it into her wannabe hairdo club that are not animated characters. At my desperate attempts at her letting me brush, curl or even touch her hair I have created a little game. It goes something like this...

ME: Can I please fix your hair pretty today?
IVY: No. No way, I like tangles, I want spiky hair like Jax.
ME: Only boys have spikes. You are a girl. Lets make your hair gorgeous like Rapunzel.
IVY: I want Kung Fu Panda hair
ME: Okay, Kung Fu Panda loves pony tails.
IVY: I don't look like a panda with this pony
ME: You do. Trust me.
IVY: I want Emily hair. I want to be gorgeous(her new favorite word) like My Emily.
I was happy I could at least pull off the Emily for a month or so, but when it turned into the Camden I was at a loss again. This morning she asked for the best one yet..  The BUBBA. My mom has the typical mom do that she rocks like a Rock-star and has proudly for.. WAIT.  MY whole life.  I tried, lied and told Ivy she looked just like Grandma. She looked in the mirror and pretty much chanted the words, "No I don't" until I found her a hat and told her she was a DAD!

Looks like we need some Patriots jersey's if we wanna hang with these boys. Even their dad was sporting one. Too cute!

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