Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sister Wives

It's really fall here now. Not the freezing, mitten wearing weather that we are used to in October, but it's fall for sure. I am watching, "Sister Wives" now on TLC and creeping out at how bizarre these people are while I secretly marvel at how functional it really is (at least on TV). Maybe this is my new must watch TV show because I now live in the same county where they lived before they had to flee to Las Vegas. It's no secret that Ross and I both are the product of polygamist ancestors. Maybe that's whats got me hooked on the show and weighing the pros and the cons.

1.Lots of hands in the kitchen(Doing dishes at record breaking speed)
2.Built in babysitters(I could finally go to the gym and wander around Target for hours on end all by my lonesome)
3.Fashion consultant sister wife(unless she opted for the bonnet and homemade dress look)
4.Someone to make me midnight turkey sandwiches and spray tan me at will
5.Built in book club members
6.Lots more shoes(assuming they all wear an 8.5)
7.Marathon screenings of Desperate Housewives and The Bachelor without having to text any friends or sisters about whats happening live.
8.A plethora of homemade holiday wreaths to chose from when a holiday arrived

1. It's illegal
2. One may be much sexier than me.... not to mention lots nicer
3. One could make better treats and turn better tricks
4. Fear of a sister wife cutting my hair while I slept
5. Me cutting another wife's hair while she slept in a jealous rage
6. Buying plane tickets for 14 instead of four
7. Trading in my car for a shuttle bus
8. Eating green jello with shredded carrots
9. Wondering if my husband is really a prophet or a pimp


Shannon said...

you are cracking me up!!! love this post and jax on a bike is AWESOME!!

p.s. i can't believe i didn't have you on my list!! adding you now baby.

Requel said...

I secretly love sister wives...watched it from the first season. It's not really that good but I can't stop watching. We could totally be sister wives. We wear the same size shoes, both pretty sexy and we like the same shows! I'll call ya sometime so we can get together.