Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lake Havasu

A couple weeks ago my brother-in-law Trevor called Ross in a panic and said the two buddies he was planning on going to Havasu with had to bail on the trip last minute. He was looking for a "replacement". Ross was excited. He said, maybe so. Next thing I know. He said, NO. Guess who was the replacement? That would be me. I drove to my moms, dropped of the kids, packed a bathing suit and caught a flight with Trevor the next morning. So my dad, Trevor and I had a few days in Havasu doing whatever it is you do in Lake Havasu with your dad and brother-in-law.

We had such a great time on the lake. We went scary fast on a seriously sick boat. We met some pirate wenches, hung out with 100 howards, enjoyed the sun and enjoyed some people watching that only the river can provide.

This is the Lake Havasu mascot. This crazy looking bird was at the marina each day greeting the boaters and enjoying their half eaten bags of chips in the afternoon. I have never seen a bird like it. The "real-life" ugly duckling is a alive and decided to retire in Lake Havasu, working as a volunteer dock hand to escape the Mrs. and an occasional flash of girly parts from a cute spring breaker.

This crazy device was something I'd never seen before. Jackson Lake needs one of these for sure.

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