Friday, January 27, 2012

Before I forget

Before I forget these cute and funny things my kids say I have to write them down. I lose important papers daily and can never find a pen, so I blog them..

Jaxon and Ivy were in the bath together the other day and having a blast with a can of shaving cream. Just when I was wondering if they were getting too old for sharing the tub, I hear Jax say to Ivy: I will make you a shaving cream Zucchini (bikini) if you give me a boutique (goatee)... This reminded me of how little they still are.
Fast Forward a week later and Jax and I are sitting in those little tiny chairs at his Parent-Teacher Conference and when it's all over and done his teacher asks him if he has any questions for her. He perks up and says, "You mean something I've always wanted to know". She tells him he can ask her anything. He looks up at her and politely says, "Mrs. Collard can you please tell me how god really created bats"?

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