Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chistmas at the Carsons


        Only in this neighborhood would a horse drawn sleigh pull up and take kids for a  ride. Things like this make me miss this fridgid little town
                                                           Jaxon and his hero, Dallin
                       We were impressed with the Chrismas Eve Blintzes that these two whipped up

                             Emily the Drama Major produced and directed a puppet show about
                                                                 The birth of JESUS

Emily was surprised to see the plus size jammies she opened up

                                              We even made it to Church by 10:30
                                   Jess and Ryan dressed down after church into some hot jerseys
                             Randy shopped around Sportsmans for way too long one day and bought his girls                             these sexy footie pajamas! While the pajamas were a total bust this   year.........Christmas  was so great in every way! Thanks to everyone who hosted us weary travellers. We love and miss you all.

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