Sunday, January 15, 2012

God bless Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King gave us a long weekend. May he rest in peace. We cruised on over to my moms to do what we usually do when we are here. We cook, eat, do hair, nails, and attempt to conflict manage 7 little kids under the age of 8.

                                            Ivy eats as many popscicles as her little heart desires
                                                      Laynie gets force fed one as well
                                        Ivy, papa and bella pass out on the couch
Jaxon brought his Red Rider because Papa promised he'd take him shooting and Jaxon remembered. He loved shooting targets and learning some gun safety. Ivy was super concerned about Bella being shot and even made Jax promise he wouldn't shoot her.
                                                   Rosscoe wondered why I washed his clothes??/
                                          He was afraid he'd have to borrow some pants from papa leo because his pants were in the washer and would be forced into this "Plaid Bandit" costume. I did'nt want him to feel alone is his dorkiness so I put on a face mask and posed for a picture.

                                   He got his pants back and so we color cordinated our clothes

                                     Jaxon went back outside for round 3.. Bella was spared and we
                                     continued eating, drinking and over processing our hair.


Afton said...
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Anonymous said...

I concur!