Sunday, February 26, 2012

Family Fun without Chuck E. Cheese

This weekend was really fun. Lack of a babysitter and restless children forced us to explore our little family friendly community. Chuck E Cheese makes my skin crawl and Pirate Island has been closed due to a fire forever ago. It was time to check out a few new germ infested family fun zones in the county of  "Family Fun". The kids had a great time and I ALMOST won an iPad from a cut the strings arcade-vending machine at the bowling alley. My dad used to tell us that we could go to Toys R Us and buy a way better and bigger toy than any of our Chuck E Cheese tickets put together could ever get us instead of making him take us the the dreaded Cheese. We refused every time and left the place happy with our glow in the dark bracelet and Ring Pop. I realized the lesson was never learned when I wound up begging Ross for more dollar bills in order to win the iPad.
Ivy was too cool to use the ramps for the "little kids". She used her dad instead.

Ross has been hiding his awesome bowling skills for 8 years now. He whooped me! The best part is the whole way there I told him that I had a natural talent for bowling. The talent has since faded.

We saw this movie on Friday night. It was cute and sad. I am now considering buying a zoo.
I am making this tasty beef tips with mushrooms and egg noodles right now. That Victor 1st ward cookbook never lets me down. Thanks to whichever Moulton, Kunz or Woolstenhulme lady came up with this dandy.

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