Saturday, February 11, 2012

swapping faces and losing teeth

 Jaxon is turning into a little man right before my very eyes. This morning Jax lost his first tooth. He is so proud of himself. I think it's because most of his friends have lost 5 by now. He can't wait to see what the tooth fairy leaves for him tomorrow morning. I think I will put his tooth in a gLocket! baahaaaaa
 Sometimes we drive around town and take pictures of ourselves and send them to Daddy or my Mom
Ivy went to her buddy Sookies 2nd Birthday at The cutest store-bistro ever (Dear Lizzie)
 Ross and I swapped faces. Ross looks like a 70 year old waitress at a diner and I looked like my little brother if he just attended a Mary Kay party...
                                                      Aunt Char even wanted in on the fun


alicia king said...

oh my gosh! i can't stop laughing at that picture of you two...that's the best ever!!!

i LOVE dear lizzie! i miss my weekly visits there...dang it..why did we have to move away!

R and D Ginkel said...

O.M.G. I am DYING over the pic of you and Ross with the switched faces. Hilarious.