Thursday, February 9, 2012

Go Jazz

          Ross took Jax to a Jaz game over the weekend. They were accompanied by PaPa Leo and Uncle David. Nobody loves the Jazz more than Dave. They were waiting for the elevator with a few Jazz dancers and Uncle Dave got so excited that he grabbed one............. and would not let her go... She was a great sport and apparently had a big impact on my little Jax. Ross said that all the way home he asked strange questions. He asked his dad where the Jazz girls lived... (Hmmm)  He asked his dad if he could go to their houses and play with them sometime soon.... and then he mentioned several times that he really liked pretty girls............
Jaxon and Ross both had a great time at the game. I am thinking about getting season tickets next year for sure. Jaxon can't stop talking about how "His team won"..... The Jazz girls sealed the deal for this kid.

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Jill said...

Love you and that little boy love, Jill
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