Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Big girls need lovin too!

I'm finally half way through the pregnancy! Did I mention that this one is a Girl? I can't wait for all the bows and big tacky headbands I will make her wear. I get the big ultrasound tomorrow. You know the one where they check to see if the baby has a hair lip and a bunch of other scary stuff like that. I'll feel much better when they tell me that everything is just perfect and all she needs to do now is get bigger. I pray I will never have the pleasure of delivering a 12 pounder such as myself. My mom and Dad were convinced I was destined for morbid obesity. They were banking on all the kids at school calling me halfton. I know this is a bit overkill on the pictures of me in the same outfit standing in the same place. I have not figured out how to delete some of them yet. Better call Melissa!

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