Monday, May 12, 2008

The Mothers Day Shindig!

Mothers Day was at our house this year. We dined on shish kabobs, and a wild array of other yummy things this year. My mom in her true Betty Crocker fashion made each mother their own little cake. Let's just say this cake decorating thing of hers has turned into a mild obsession. I got a nice card from Jaxon and a day at the Snake River Lodge and Spa! I can't wait to be rubbed, scrubbed and lotioned up! Jaxon was so proud that he colored on my card!
Jaxon: "Look mom, I colored your name and stuff".
Me: "Oh it's so beautiful".
Jaxon: "I know mommy, I'm good at coloring".
Asking him what colors were in the picture was a whole new story. We are convinced he's colorblind! This two year old can count to 20, sing ten songs, and recite his ABC's. When you ask him what color something is it's a whole new ballgame.

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