Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Better late than never

Jaxon and his homies

Notice the matching outfits? She is already exibiting signs of a great fashion sense

Jax and my "not so little" anymore brother

Sophie, Halle and Jaxon sharing some cousinly love

Thanks for the amazing blessing uncle Randy

We had a blessing at our house for both of the kids a few weeks ago. poor Jaxon was never blessed as a baby so we didn't want him to be left out. One can never have too many blessings right? Ross's brother, Randy gave them both a beautiful blessing. Ivy was sweet and quiet through the whole thing. Jaxon was extremely concerned about the laying on of the hands messing up his awesome hair do. My dad, Erin and little brother, Matthew came up for a visit and that made it all the more special. We had and amazing Mexican style buffet loved every minute of it.

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The Bell Family said...

That was such a fun night. I love that Jaxon finally gave in as long as they only touched the tips of his spikes. Randy did a great job. We love you guys and are so sad to leave you!