Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have been tagged by calyn: Here goes

Random Facts about myself:

1. I am a spray tan addict, 40 volume peroxide loving bleached blonde and proud of it.
2. I love little babies but hate being pregnant.
3. I still worship my parents.
4. I hate most things that are white and creamy... Sour cream, cream cheese, milk, etc
5. I bite my nails so bad that they look like a 12 year old boys.
6. I got engaged after only 3 months of knowing Ross
7. I am not proud of it but I drink at least two diet cokes a day
8. I encourage my dogs to lick my feet
9. I will never look away when someone is making eye contact with me
10. I loved to be tickled and massaged so much that I would pretty much let anyone rub me.
11. I am obsessed with salad dressing
12. I am currently tivo'ing way too many shows.... The Bachelor, Rock of love, Greys, Private Practice, Idol, girls next door, Brothers and sisters, and Probably even a few more.
13. I am terrified of scary movies. I can't even watch Unsolved Mysteries or else I have nightmares for days...........
14. I love making grocery lists but never bring them to the store
15. Sometimes I wake up in the night and have to pluck stray eyebrows
16. I have at least 5 junk drawers that are full to the brim
17. when I was a kid I wanted to be either a dolphin trainer or a hypnotist when I grew up
18. I can heal people
19. Sometimes I don't sleep at all
20. I bite my bottom lip when I am really focused on something
21. I wish I could beat just one person at arm wrestling
22. I love vacuuming
23. I hate airplanes
24. I secretly want to put make up on my little baby
25. I hate garlic

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Tito and The Gang said...

Thank God for 40 volume, no?