Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Best friends forever "Blayke and Ivy" I love the way these two yell and squeal at each other. They are best little buddies and don't even know it yet.
( Words cannot begin to describe her cuteness)

Sometimes i pretend like I am a hardcore biker mama and take the kids on a trek around our neighborhood. This outing ended quickly when Jaxon fell off his bike(again) and said, "That's it! I'm just a little kid mom. I can't do everything you can do. I'll never ride this bike again" Luckily he has since changed his mind overnight and was back at it this morning.

Jaxon and his cousin Savana went swimming today. We simply refuse to let the summer end. Today was warm and perfect in every way. I am praying for more global warming!

Daddy took Jaxon fishing last night just down the road from our house and they caught this monster of a fish. jax has been talking about catching a fish and frying it up in a pan for months now and last night his wish came true. We grilled this little feller last night for a midnight snack and he was delicious.....

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R and D Ginkel said...

Aww...the bike story was so cute. Poor little Jax. . .I'm glad he's still trying. :)