Thursday, August 27, 2009

Water polo mongrel part 2

Since when are Sophomore's in high school this muscular? What can I say big muscles run in the family. Anyone who has ever arm wrestled me will testify to that. Actually I am yet to win an arm wrestling match with anyone over the age of 4. Leg wrestling is my specialty!!!
Matthew is the cutest on in the picture (of course)
He is the striking young lad who is farthest on the right.

My little brother the water polo machine is at it again. My dad sent me this(above) link today about this years team. I couldn't help but post it. I can't wait to see Matt in action.

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Whitney said...

Holy cow I have not seen that kid in years. He's all grown up. Calyn told me he was huge into the water polo. What a stud! Way to go Matt!