Friday, January 15, 2010


In some states this kind of thing is illegal.... Good thing we live in IDAHO

Jaxon told me that while she sure is cute. Shes still a little drooly for his taste. That's what you get when your main squeeze in cutting teeth.

Ivy and Blaykers..............Bummin around the house

The little girls just love Jaxon

Lately he seems so old to me

He loves being a big brother. He's so proud when he teaches Ivy something new. I love to listen to their cute little conversations when they don't think I am listening....

This pig is the only way I can get this little nugget to sleep. She sucks on it's ear until she falls asleep. Tori told me that she cloroxed piggy the other day and Blayke was furious with the new taste of the ears. Pigs, Binky's, thumbs... (Whatever works)

Beside the occasional pinch or hair pull these girls are the sweetest little friends

Ivy Taylor AKA Axle Rose

"I hate to see you go but I love to see you walk away"

These two had such a great time at YaYa and Johns the other night. John lets them jump on the bed, plays puzzles, plays outside and even came and watched Jaxon at Judo this week. Now he can share my pain of watching Jax attempt jumping jacks. Is it bad that I cringe at the sight of them.

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