Thursday, January 28, 2010

Capturing/Captioning My HEART

Ivy is the sure winner or the "Carson Crab leg Eating Contest"... She is a hungry beast for sure but this was a lot of eating, even for IVY! This picture reminds me of one of my dad's most embarrasing moments.......... We road tripped all the way from Los Angeles to Star Valley Wyoming one summer... We were ordering dinner at the only Diner/restaraunt in town and when it was my turn.... I politely told the waitress that I would like a Lobster tail and a side of sauteed mushrooms.... I was 10 years old at most...Needless to say, that was hardly an option and my dad still remembers it as the time he knew he had "CREATED A MONSTER".....

I think I know what these girls are after and they are........"OUT OF LUCK"..

That Tori! How does she do it??? Always smiling,bringing home the bacon,baking like Matha, Lovin like jenna... I think her secret lies in her right hand.......

Here he is in all his glory!!! He says, "Mom, Are you gonna rock with me or what?"

Neither Ivy or I can stand Ella's breath... Here she is capturing exactly the way I feel about it. She really is starting to get me... I could'nt be more pleased!

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