Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spam Moosabbi

When Ryan and Jenna were here over the holidays they made this. I was trying to be polite but at the same time thinking that there was simply no way in hell I would ever eat anything with the word spam in the title.... much less really used in the recipe. To my suprise it was soo delicious. I will admit that for some reason I found myself kind of embarrassed buying spam at the supermarket.Especially because I had lots of other things to be emarrased about that day such as Ivy having no socks on in below zero weather buts thats a whole other post.

The cast of Characters

Fry the mystery meat in a pan, steam some rice, roll in seaweed wrap... enjoy

Dip these bad boys in some sauce and you will be amazed at how tasty they are....


Hayley Nelson Potter said...

I will have to agree with the whole spam thing, sounds nasty....hmm i might have to give it a try after all!

Chris and Mindy said...

Hey, Chris and I were looking through blogs last night and came across yours. I loved reading your posts and your kids are adorable!! We're going to make ours private..so if you want to check in on ours, leave us your e-mail address!