Saturday, February 6, 2010

Being a mom is like Groundhogs day

I heard a lady at a baby shower once say that..."Being a mom is like GROUNDHOGS DAY everyday"! I thought how horrible that comparison was but the more years of mommy hood I get under my belt I am starting to get what she meant...

This morning I woke up to four year old morning breath in my face chanting, "Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast". Just like clock work I could hear the morning babbles of baby Ivy in her crib along with some banging on the Wall next to her crib.

(This is the exact same thing that happened yesterday and everyday I can remember that came before)Hmmmm

I then attempt to get all of us clean and looking like the cute little family we are(Or at least the one we are in public)! My shampoo bottles are dumped out, make brushes are thrown in the toilet, Lucy (our dog) is eating leftovers on the highchair, The "Treat, Treat, Treat" chant begins before my clothes are even on.

(This also seems wildly familiar to me.. Oh yeah...Same as the day before)

I wander through the day wondering what to make for dinner that we could all somewhat enjoy! While I cook more things are tossed in the toilet and someone gets a bonk on the head from jumping off the couch etc...Daddy comes home... Yeah... "How was your day"? Great... treat chant begins again and we sometimes open a bottle of wine.

(Wait a minute! Am I having Deja Vu?) Another thing that never changes is that I wouldn't trade it all for the world.


Tito and The Gang said...

Adorable and so, so, so true.

jessica said...

ok thanks for the post!! my kids are not the only ones who have cavaties and think sugar is the only food group:) ya trae had 8 cavaties at 4. got ya beat(i say that like i'm proud)