Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Tidbits

This weekend started out a little rough! Jaxon kicked Ross's ass once again. This time with a gnarly scratch to the nose with his fingernails. This is exactly why I am not the "play fighter" in the house!Oh, how I wish I had his nose. It's perfect just like his mommas!

My mom hosted her whole clan for the superbowl. I am over pretending like I care about football now. When I was younger I think I may have pretended to have a favorite team. I have come out of the closest with my pure hate for the game. I feel so much lighter now! This is my cute Grandpa with his oldest great grandson.

We played in the snow...

Until it got way too cold.

Jax spilled a smoothie all over himself and was less than pleased.

Ivy added to her box of tricks..... She can play and say Peek a Boo!!!

She sees you.... the best part is she thinks you can't really see her>


Trevor and Calyn said...

I laughed SOOOO hard when I saw that picture of Jaxon with the smoothie all over him. I guess it's part of the mean Debbie gene coming out. I am still laughing (hysterically)!!! P.S. Jaxon isn't the oldest great grandson!!

R and D Ginkel said...

Yes, no words can explain how incredibly funny that picture is of Jaxon!! Thanks for making me laugh out loud!! said...

those pictures are so funny! poor Jaxon! and Ivy looks so cute in her boots and hat!