Monday, February 22, 2010

My Crew


We enjoy delicious meals of "fried everything" and lots of dips to choose from

We sometimes even take baths in the kitchen sink

Ivy sneaks on the kitchen table while her BFF bathes in the kitchen sink. She then proceeds to put diaper cream in her freshly washed hair and then screams when she has to get down.

we dress up in random things we find in the coat closet.

We have beach blanket parties where we pretend like it's summer. We listen to surf music, wear our bathing suits, and have picnics on our beach blanket.

Ivy dresses up up Blayke as a Playboy Bunny

Jaxon pretends he's a an archaeologist with a grimm reaper tattoo. He looks long and hard for fossils in the cake pan that I filled with moon sand.

Ivy plays fire chief and blows at the fire place and whispers the word, H-o-t a million times in a row. We clap and she continues.....PROUDLY

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Tito and The Gang said...

Finally a good use for moon sand.