Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Blues

To say that the winter is long here is such an understatement. I will keep the complaining quick, but it is bad here this time of year. It is so bad that those of us that live here forget every single year... Just how bad it really is. I think it is sorta the same way we forget the pain of child birth.
With that said. How many bendaroos can one girl build in a week? Way too many! Does anyone realize how long it takes to get snow clothes properly put on children? I dream about spring being here so I can go to the park, drink lime squeezes, pull out the barbecue, and go to the pool! I have taken matters into my own hands and put the Bouncy castle upstairs for now and been making my own lime squeezes in my blender at home. I honestly pray for global warming in a huge way. I am hoping Al is right and any day now its going to be unseasonably warm and sunny! I will coninue using my aquanet for good measure.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures"

Meanwhile, the kids think I'm the coolest mom ever

Next up is a stripper pole and a bowflex

Jaxon is coping with his winter blues playing with this baby that he named,"Carly Jo". I'm pretty sure she is named after this cute little blond thing in his judo class. Semi creepy but sooo cute at the same time.


alicia said...

how fun for your kids to have their own bouncy thing in the house! mmmm! lime freezes...i miss making and drinking those! Jaxon is cute with Carly Jo, lol!

Chelsi said...

Yeah I have one for my kids too it is the best thing i've bought this winter!!

Anonymous said...

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