Monday, February 15, 2010


I'm usually not the biggest fan of Valentines Day! I hate chocolate and feel like it's super cheesy and a "high pressure" day in general. This Valentines weekend the best one yet. The kids got special little Valentine treats from all their 100 grandparents which they loved. My great friend Deseree came and visited from "small town,WY" the to thriving metropolis I call home. We laughed, planned her wedding, read horoscopes, drank wine, and talked all kinds of smack about everything. She played nanny on Sunday night while Ross and I had an amazing dinner. She got both kids bathed,jammied,and asleep before we got home.She has 3 girls at home so she is no rookie at the kid biz. I am honestly now considering taking on a sister wife. I am just waited for my husband to have a "vision" {wink}

We try and try to get a good picture of our "Date Nights" in the car but failed again. We had great food and even better conversation! Minus the garlic breath, this was the best night out in a really long time!

We stayed out way too late on Saturday night at a local watering hole and solved all the worlds problems... Well, we gave it our best shot!

I love this little valentine

One juicy bum taught the other cute bum how to safely come down the stairs by crawling down backwards instead of her signature forward tumble.........

Blaykers made her famous sugar cookies just how I like them. Soft, fat and little tiny wrinkles in them all. Thanks Blayke!


The Griffins said...'s to a great your little pics...we must hang soon. let's get drinks or go for dinner...just us two.

R and D Ginkel said...

I heart Big Love.... :)

alicia said...

how nice of your friend to be your personal nanny! Ivy looks so cute! her hair is long now!