Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Week

Yesterday I felt like a really bad mom. Jaxon told me that his tooth hurts really bad! I call my MIL over to watch the other girls and take him to the dentist. When we walked in the office the receptionist was small talking with him about nothing really and he said to her,"I guess I'm here to get all my teeth pulled out, where's the dentist?, I hope he's not a girl". We go through the whole routine. Xrays, yadda, yadda, yadda. The dentist gave poor little Jax a root Canal and then told me he had 7 cavaties... 7 cavities at the age of 4. I sat in the chair across from the dentist as he proceeded to explain to me the importance of "Teeth Brushing". Oh! so you're telling me my kids SHOULD brush their teeth? Why hadn't I thought of that? Jax did awesome and took it like a real champ...It's amazing what a brand new shiny toothbrush can make you forget about...

I went out on the town last night with one of my favorite and oldest friends. Colby has been around so long I feel like he dated all my old boyfriends with me. Him and I were out dancing the night I met my husband too... Thanks for being such a true friend!!!!

I can't give one a bottle without a major meltdown from the other one. This is how they now enjoy their morning baba's together now. Soo precious.

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